Friday, February 4, 2011

First Informal Post

Still day 1

I've decided to tell you all what setup I'm using for playing guitar.
Firstly, the guitars I have are...
1: Epiphone Les Paul
2: ESP LTD F-50

Two very good guitars that I would recommend to any beginning guitarist. I'm currently using a Line 6 Spyder IV 150 as an amp with a FBV Express pedal board, which I recommend as well.

Leave a comment with your set-ups!


  1. nice esp man :) Hows the spider IV working out for ya? I started with a spiderIII and it was great i still have it today. I bought the spider IV and took it back to the shop the same day i just don't like the way it works : \

  2. Very nice :). I'm currently on a shitty Ibanez GAX80something.. but it's hooked up to a 74' Marshall half stack xD.

  3. I think the Spider IV is more designed to practice by yourself or with a band, but not really designed for the first few gigs. From a distance, the sound gets a little fuzzy and unpleasant, but when you're up-close and personal with it, it actually sounds pretty great. I use it because I've been trying to form a band, but with no luck, so I've been practicing with it for now. Do you still use your spider or do you use another amp now?

  4. I have a marshall MG100DFX and a AS100D for all things acoustic. Looking at getting a TSL soon.

  5. PS, still use the spiderIII as it requires 0 effort to set up