Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Appologies and Other Random Info

Sorry for not updating these past couple of days. Superbowl Sunday took a lot out of me and I came down with bronchitis yesterday, unfortunately. I don't think I'll even try to post a tab up today, I've been coughing up my lungs all day. Also, on an unrelated note, I finally got a job today! I'll be working on commission (whoop de-doo) serving concessions at a sports stadium. It'll be nice to get some money in my wallet again.


  1. Congrats on your job. Looks like everyone is getting bronchitis.. Sister, mom, a good friend of mine...

    o_O Must be bronchitis season.

    What stadium are you gonna be workin' at?

  2. Yeah, some friends of mine have it too. I guess it is bronchitis season haha.

    I'll be working at Miller Park for the Brewers season.

  3. ooo Much profit potential with baseball.. Plenty of games and expensive concessions. lol

  4. ooohoho I had bronchitis seriously start taking antibiotics right meow